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September 7, 2009
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The bell rang at the school and Crystal and her friend Phoenix Shadow were going to there next class. “well see you at gym Crystal.” Shadow said and walked ahead to the boy‘s locker room. Crystal sighed as she and Giga were the only ones who knew that she was ones a boy. “I wish someone would remember, then maybe someone could help me changed back. I have been a girl far too long this time. I can't ever remember how it felt to be a boy anymore” she said and walked into the girls locker room.  She took off her clothes and changed into her gym clothes and sighed. “Hay don’t worry Dustin you will get your wish…I put something special in Shadow’s locker.” a girl’s voice said. Crystal turned around and saw  her friend Giga. “Giga…what does that mean?” Crystal asked. Giga giggled. “you will see.” she said as most of the girls walked out and Crystal followed them thinking about what Giga said.

In the boy’s locker room Shadow had taken off everything but his underwear to changed clothes. He opened his locker. “what? Is this someone’s Idea of a prank? Where are my clothes?” he said looking at what was in there. It was a pair of pink panties with a matching bra.  He reached in and picked them up and looked at them. He smiled. “Well looks like I don’t have to go to Gym if I don’t have clothes to dress out in.” he said and chuckled. He dropped the panties and bra on the ground. He was going to walk off, but something caught his foot. He looked down and saw that the panties were stuck on his left heal. Shadow didn’t notice , but his left foot had smother skin on it and was smaller like a girls. He shook his leg trying to shake them off, but they only slid on more and as they did his body hair below where the panties were at went away and his skin smoothed out.  He keep shaking until he lost balance and fell down on his butt. “ow” he said. He looked at the panties again and something about them horrified Shadow. Now the panties were on both legs and were climbing up to him. “What…what is this!? Help!” he yelled, but when he looked around all the boys were standing still as if they were frozen in time. As the girls under where moved past his knees he own underwear were being pulled down his legs. Shadow grabbed his underpants and tried to pull them back up, but it was no use. The fabric ripped in his hands and they fell off him in shreds. The panties were almost all the way on them. It  now moved onto his crouch. “No you don’t!” he said and tried to push them off. It seemed like a long battle to him, but soon he got tired and gave in. the panties went all the way on.  He let go as he felt the dread of him losing something that was very important to him. He looked down to see the small bulge in his panties was getting smaller by the second until nothing was left that she could see. Her butt got a little bigger now after that last change. She then felt her hips spread out and her body pinch in. she got up and as she did the boys seemed to star moving again. “Ah! No they can’t see me like this!” she said and grabbed her button up shirt she had been wearing and put it on. She didn’t have time for the pants so she just ran over to  hide between the lockers. “Maybe...maybe I can button up this shirt and hide this and walk out with them thinking I am a girly boy.” she said and started to do so, but something stopped her. “when did that get there!?” she said looking at the pink bra on her chest. She felt a push on her chest as two breasts grew to fill out the bra. Her breasts were very big now, so big in fact that she could no longer button up her shirt now.  A big pink bow landed in her hair. It made it get longer, but Kim didn’t notice this until it touched her shoulders. She grabbed at it and held it in her hands as it grew. “My...My hair?” she asked and pulled it to make sure.  It turned blue and grew until it was down to her  butt.  “No! this isn’t good! I am a girl in the boy’s locker room!…Maybe if I wait for everyone to leave?” she asked, but that wasn’t happening. Some boys decided to skip Gym and hang out in the locker room.  Kim heard them and they were close. She was scared and started to tear up.

Back in Gym Crystal was running around the track. “Hmmm…I wonder what Giga meant by what she said in the locker room?” she asked herself. “Oh well I guess it is not important now.” she looked around. “I wonder where Shadow is at? Is he skipping this class?”
ok here is a request from :iconphoenixdaimon: I know i should get to my pokemon story but I am not in the wrighting Mood, so i deside to take a few requset from :iconphoenixdaimon: to see if it helps me get back in the mood of wrighting again. so this is a TG story. I don't know if many of yall like TG though. I know that there are maybe a bunch of grammer mastakes in this story, but i am still trying to learn.

He gave me thios Pic to work with [link]

Shadown/Kim is :iconphoenixdaimon:

Crystal (dustin) and Giga are :icondustomega:
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LunarChristy Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Do you still do requests? :3
Dustomega Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
Not really
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rpg1115 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
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Dustomega Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
I don't think i will. SOrry ^^;
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Dustomega Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014
IDK who SapphireFoxx is, and i think Akuoreo is a bitch. if you want to ask Foxx to do it, go ahead though, i do not mind. 
sallyane Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
i like this story its amazing how things can happen
1234Rainbowdash Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014
Hey nice job put a name jordan in it plz
Dustomega Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014
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